Security Guard: Career Overview

Security guards play an important role in today’s society and the uses for security services only continue to grow more and more prevalent. In order to keep information, property, or possessions safe and guarded from potential burglaries or vandalism, there are few things that prove to be a more effective deterrent than a security guard. Choosing a security based career is an option that people often overlook, if you are one of those people, here are is a general run down of the job so that you can get a better idea of what exactly being a security guard entails.

Duties –

Typically, a security guard is employed for a company that requires some extra eyes on either the products, shipments, employees, or the entire establishment. For example, many security guards in Detroit are offered positions at warehouses and a majority of their responsibilities involve walking the perimeter of the property and keeping an eye on entrances. As a security guard, you would be expected to remain on your feet for most of the time and be able to walk for extended periods of time. You can’t be an effective guard if you’re sitting in one spot, so you will be required to move around frequently.

Different Kinds Of Security –

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There are many different types of security guards that all serve different purposes. For example, a lot of distribution centers have TSA agents at the front gates to make sure employees don’t enter or exit the warehouse with anything they’re not supposed to have. These guards generally stand in the same spot for long periods of time. Many retail establishments hire loss-prevention associates that keep an eye on customers to prevent theft, they often are required to periodically patrol the entire store. There are many different kinds, but these are just a few examples.